Ask 100 people to define it, you’ll get 100 different definitions. It’s likely that all 100 will be incorrect.

This series is from Andy Stanley, founder of North Point Ministries, in the Atlanta area. The links will take you to North Point Ministries site, where you can watch Andy’s video message.

Week 1
Insiders, Outsiders
“What’s a good “christian” to do? All the bad things being done by bad people in this bad world. What’s a good “christian” to do? All those people at work saying bad words. What’s a good “christian” to do? All those young people walking around wearing weird clothes and weird jewelry and, well, acting weird. What’s a good Christian to do? Well at least the “christians” in my church aren’t bad, right? At least I can relax at church where all the “good” people hang, right?
Week 2
“I’m done!” “I’ve had it!” “I’m outta here!” “Count me out!” “I quit!” Words that have probably come out of each of our mouths at some point. At the very least we have thought them, even if we didn’t follow through. Could have been in reference to a job, or a club, or maybe even a relationship. But what if “I’m done!” is in reference to “christian?” Whoa, you mean you’re walking away from God? Yikes. That’s terrible! Or is it…at least when it comes to “christian?”
Week 3
“I’m absolutely convinced . . .” Ever said that only to discover later you were absolutely wrong? Yet, you were so sure. I’ve been there…done that. It’s really not a big deal when it comes to being convinced that something is going to taste really bad and then ends up being really good. Or, when you were convinced it’s not going to rain, so I won’t need an umbrella and . . . then it does. Oh well. But, there are some things that being absolutely convinced about and being wrong can really be harmful . . . destructive, maybe even disastrous. Is it possible that there are some things that revolve around the word “christian” that you are absolutely convinced are true that, in fact, may not be?
Week 4
Showing Up
The early Christians in Rome did not have it easy. They were persecuted, blamed for crimes they didn’t commit, even fed to lions. Yet Jesus painted an encouraging picture of their circumstances; he said they were “the salt of the earth,” and “the light of the world.” While they were simply trying to stay alive, Jesus was saying that they had been strategically placed by God. Could this be true of your life and your circumstances too?
Week 5
When Gracie Met Truthy
If I were to put my finger on the most challenging thing for us today as Jesus followers, certainly high on the list would be “how do I respond to so many ungodly life perspectives in the world around me?” ​ ​How do I keep from feeling like I’ve compromised what ​I​ know is right, and yet still not come across as judgmental…holier than thou? ​ ​
Third Column