I love the the stories (parables) that Jesus told . . . they are like Jesus right beside me saying, “Let’s talk about life in this world while we walk together.”  Jesus told parables because He knew we understand the point much better when listening to a story than just being told statements. And stories are like movies, a good one will hit you in the heart and get you to notice things that have been “Hidden in Plain Sight.”

Week 1
Nailing the Neighbor Thing
Okay, who is that person in your life? Or that group? You’re pretty sure they can’t be trusted; there’s something rotten in Denmark and it’s coming from their neck of the woods. What is your plan in regard to that person…that group…when you run into them…or worse yet, they have need, a problem…something goes wrong?
Week 2
A Crazy Request
Imagine this. You are in the presence of the wisest and greatest teacher in the world. He has also demonstrated that he has the power to do things you have never before heard about or witnessed. If you could ask this guy to teach you to do one thing . . . just one . . . what would it be?
Week 3
We’re going to look at forgiveness and its connection to love. Look up 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 and wherever you find the word “love,” replace it with your name. As I did this I realized it’s not always true of me, but as a follower of Christ this is the goal:  to be as perfect as He is perfect. Let’s dive deep into God’s word and explore what it means to love others as He loves us.
Week 4
Building Barns 

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist. Made more than you expected? Look for a good place to help it grow. Buy some stocks. Add to your 401K. Invest. Or maybe add that room on the house or buy that new bedroom set. Got too much stuff? Rent some storage. Have a yard sale. Are these things wrong? Certainly not. But there is a part of the equation that we need to explore more carefully.
Week 5
Spreading Manure
Spreading Manure”…that’s the title of this message in our Hiding In Plain Sight series. That might be enough to get you out to True North on Sunday but let me add to that we are also going to talk about “Fig Trees”. Say what? And if that’s not enough…I’ll thrown in the question, “When is it time to call it quits on someone?” All that is tied up in what we are going to explore in this Sundays parable.
Week 6
Bad Boys

“Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do?  Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?”  Ha, now you are all singing it aren’t you?  This Sunday we are going to look at a couple of “bad boys” and talk about “whatcha” do with “bad boys”. And, what does that have to do with sheep and money?  Or does it have anything to do with that?
Week 7
Show Me the Money
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Don’t you just love it when a scoundrel gets a one up on you? When the bad guy wins? When Clint Eastwood’s forty-four gets taken away and the mob gets to use the line, “Go ahead, make my day!” Isn’t that the way you want the story to end…with the robber heading out into the sunset dragging the hero behind his horse? Yeah, me either. But in this weeks parable, Jesus will throw us a curve as he praises a dishonest man, and says there are some things we could learn from him.
Week 8
Band of Brothers
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Here’s something to ponder. What do 9-11, Hurricane Katrina, and the twin tornadoes in Pilgar, Nebraska all have in common? And, what do they have to do with this Sunday’s discussion looking at Luke 16:19-31? One more question, what is the common thread running through all the parables we have been looking at together?
Week 9
What’s Your Secret Name?

What’s your secret name? You know, your Smurf name? Remember those little blue creatures that showed up in the Saturday morning cartoons? Remember “Clumsy Smurf” and “Hefty Smurf” and who could forget that beautiful blond “Smurfette?” Well, what does all this have to do with this Sunday’s message? It’s always interesting when Pastor Travis takes us into the Word, especially when it involves blue people.
Week 10
A Strange Land

It’s what we are all longing for. That perfect world defined and described with words like “peace,” “health,” “plenty,” . . . you get the picture. We look for some source, some power . . . SOMETHING to take us to that place or create that place where we are. We are no longer foolish enough to think that our politicians can provide it, yet we sometimes talk and maybe even vote like they can. This is not a new desire. It’s what the folks walking with Jesus on the Samaritan road were looking for as well. In fact, as we’ll see the question on their hearts was “WHEN”? When is it coming? When will we see it? When will we be there? Let’s explore together Jesus’ response and his advice for the “now”.