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The Bible is a good book to have around the house. It’s a good place to keep track of your family generations…there is even a place for that information in some Bibles. It is a good idea to have several copies around a church. But, what does it really have to say about living life? The Apostle Paul wrote a letter to a bunch of Christ followers living in Rome in the first century. His letter is full of important information about God and how to know God…but does it have anything to say to day to day living? This new series answers the question of “How to Live.” Join us in discovering these important and practical answers.

5 | October 17 – What is Worship, Part 1 – Pastor Travis


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We Christians talk a lot about how important God’s Word…the Bible… is. We talk a lot about it here at True North Church. But are those just words? Do we really understand how significant this book is to our lives…even more than that…our eternity? Let’s visit this topic for the next two Sundays. Looking forward to the conversation.




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Are we in “The Last Days?” Some of you have read the passages describing the things that lead to those end days before Christ returns. They seem to be describing what we are seeing around us and hearing in the nightly news.  During the time Peter wrote his second letter, a similar question was being asked among the believers. Peter’s answer, “You are asking the wrong question.” The right question is, “What kind of a person should I be if these are the ‘last days?’” 




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We face big questions today. Questions like, “Who’s in charge? Who’s running the show? Who can I trust?” Questions so big they sometimes feel like obstacles, especially in the times we are facing right now. It’s easy to slip into an attitude of, “What’s the point?” when it feels like those in charge . . . those with the power . . . are heading in directions that feel so completely wrong.  We need wisdom . . . wisdom for the times.

4 | June 6 – The Kingdom of God – Pastor Travis
6 | June 28 – Do You Want Revival? – Pastor Travis
7 | July 4 – Freedom – Pastor Christoph



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Is it possible to see our reflection and forget what we look like? How many of us have left the house with hair out of place or little pieces of toilet paper covering shaving cuts? The Bible says (James 1:22-25) when we hear the word of God but don’t do what it says, we are like a person who sees their reflection but forgets what they look like. Not seeing ourselves through God’s eyes can lead to more than the mere embarrassment. The consequences can be eternal. Join us in our series, Reflections, as we look into the mirror of God’s word.




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Written six hundred years before the birth of Christ, the book of Isaiah is often called the fifth Gospel. You know, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and Isaiah. Wait, how could Isaiah be called one of the Gospels? The Gospels are eyewitness accounts of the life of Jesus; but Isaiah was long dead and gone by the time Jesus arrived here on earth. It is called the fifth Gospel because the prophecies that Isaiah made regarding things that would happen in and around Jesus’ life are so detailed it is as if he was there. We are going to look at just one of Isaiah’s prophecies…Isaiah 53…in a series called “The Prediction.”




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Is it possible for me to do or say something that could cause God to decide he has had enough of me? That’s the question we are exploring as we look at Roman’s chapter 11.






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Like most organizations, True North Church has a mission statement. We’re going to talk about our mission statement, how it was formed, and why we  believe God placed True North Church here.






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January 10, 17, 24

Ever been sitting around as a family when the “birth stories” began? “I remember when you were born . . . I was in labor 43 hours!” or, “You tried to come out bottom first!” But how would you describe the birth of a church?




Week 1

January 3

Peter was a fisherman when he met Jesus, who told him that he would be “a fisher of men” (Luke 5:1-11), but after Jesus’ death Peter went back to fishing. So how did Peter go from there to fulfilling the role Jesus had said he would have?  Our teacher today is Christoph Koenig.