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January 15, 22

The scriptures tell us that there is one God. Just one. But that God is made up of three persons – The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. This is what church doctrine has called “The Trinity.” When it comes to the Holy Spirit there often seems to be two extremes. Either he is almost completely ignored…consequently very little is known about him, or, he is so over emphasized that in the church the beliefs that surround him become confusing, consuming…even dangerous. In this message series we aim to take a very close look at what the Bible, the scriptures, actually tell us about God the Spirit. His significance. His power. How he works in our lives and what place in our worship he should hold. Join us in this important study.


Week 1

January 8

I love to hear people’s stories. How did you two meet? Where did you grow up? How’d you get that scar? True North has a story. Part of our story is wrapped up in how we got started. Part of our story revolves around what we have decided is important. Our priorities . . . our Core Values




Week 1

January 1

Assumptions are simply a part of our daily living. We crank that thermostat and assume the heat will come on. We push that remote start button (if we are lucky enough to have one) and assume the car will start and begin warming things up. We go to the grocery store and assume there will be food on the shelves. That’s just the way life is. No big deal. Yet, the scriptures warn us about being too casual about assuming things. A good thing to think through as we begin a New Year.